Money Troubles

OK, time to talk about something a bit more serious. That’s right, randomness is taking a backseat right now. Because it’s time to talk about money troubles.

It’s becoming apparent that my life is going down the dark, slum-like alleyways of poverty. My mother can’t even pay the rent, despite working at two different jobs. Heck, she can barely pay the utility bills, much less the bill for the Internet. I’m becoming somewhat of conservative myself when it comes to money. No offense or anything, but I find it a bit of a pet peeve when your mother wants to borrow some money and then never pays you back. To be fair, I guess she is working her butt off to the core, trying her best to keep the family together. I applaud her. Really, I do.

We’re planning on moving out of the house by October because she can’t keep up with the payments. If that happens, I’ll also probably move schools. Do you have any idea on what it’s like starting over? I really, really, really don’t want to lose the friends I already have because I’ve already got one friend who’s moving across the country in a couple months, and I really don’t plan on chatting with any more  of my friends on just IM programs. And besides, the thought of starting over makes me shiver to my spine. It just makes me feel like that little loner in the 3rd grade. The only one on the playground without someone to play with.

We’re also going to cut back on the phones. My mother says, when we move out, she’ll just cancel the home phone service and have us rely 100% on our cell phones. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention she’s also going to cut our cell phone services as well and just have our father sign us up on his plan? Not like any of this bothers me, but whatever.

We’re also going to downgrade back to basic cable, which is fine for me, since I barely ever watch what’s on TV. What with all the regular “popular” crap playing on every single channel.

Lots of cutbacks to be looking forward to (or not), I guess. I never thought it would be like this, where you live a perfectly “standard” life, and then, all of a sudden, your life starts going down the toilet of poverty. What’s worse is that you don’t ever see it coming until the last minute, where things start to get really stressful. I mean, my mother looked like she was keeping things in check, and everything looks like it’s just fine. But it’s “too little, too late” when I try and ask her about the Yukku-Reimu I want and only then do I see she’s got real bad money troubles, and only then do I see that this is going to affect every single member of this household. I even prayed to God in the vain hope that there might be some sort of silver lining to this dark, deep, heavy black cloud. Like there’s a momentary ladder leading out of this rut. I’m turning to God. Coming from me, I must have been really desperate for an answer. (No offense to any religious people, of course.)

Yeah, this blog post is getting a little too long, but I just wanted to blog about my feelings and such in my new-found life of poverty. I’m not meaning to point out or accuse anyone in these serious blog topics. Just keep that in mind.

Until next time, I guess.

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