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I found this game surprisingly fun. It’s made by Pentavision, who are also the masterminds of DJ Max. It’s a MMO third-person shooter. So what’s the abbreviation for that? MMO3PS? Well, putting that aside, S4 League is a fun game to play with friends or complete strangers alike.

So far, this game doesn’t have American servers… yet. They’re actually accepting applications for the closed beta. Go Google it or something. This game is currently hosted on the European “a la playa” servers, which is how I play right now.

The controls in this game are fairly similar to any shooter; WASD to move, mouse to move and fire. It does allow customization, though. Which is a plus. There’s a surprisingly large variety of weapons, ranging from dual-wield submachine guns to rifles to swords to even bats. In addition, all of them control great too.

Not only do you have the regular shooting sports thing, you also have eSper, which is your special ability. You can do all sorts of things, like put up a shield, trap opponents, and fly, amongst other things.

There are two gameplay modes in S4 League: Touchdown and Deathmatch. Touchdown works somewhat like football mixed with Capture the Flag, where you try and get the Fumbi (the ball) to your opponent’s goal post. Deathmatch is, as the name suggests, a game to see which team can get the most kills. Both work very well, and there’s a fairly moderate pool of maps to choose from. All of them are unique in their own way. I just wish they had a couple more.

You can customize your avatar in lots of different ways, from hats to hair to shoes to gloves and everywhere in between. I’m surprised at how many clothing items there are. Not only do they show off your style, they also help with your stats in game, so if you need a quick HP boost, you can equip the corresponding item.

The overall experience is nice and the graphics are nice, even when running in low-res mode. The menus are pretty, though I have to admit, the translation is not the best, as there’s a lot of Engrish (“Go to the our goal post”, “Our team aquired the ball”, etc). But it’s not up to the point where  you can’t understand it. So the translation’s passable, though flawed.

Netplay is somewhat smooth, though players not from Europe will lag the game down, which usually leads in people complaining with “wtf lag” and “omg lagger”. If you don’t want to hear complaining or being told to leave because of lag, you should probably wait for the US servers to open.

The music might sound a bit corny to those who have never played DJ Max, but if you have, you’ll feel right at home. The creative team behind the music remains the same, so you’ll hear some original songs made for S4 League as well as some tracks from DJ Max. In fact, you might also notice that the announcer remains the same.

All in all, I highly recommend S4 League to anyone that wants a free-to-play kid-friendly shooter. You can play for free on the European servers. Or you can wait for the American servers to open… but I don’t know how long you’re going to be waiting for it. Overall, great game. Until next time.


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