Yukkuri Research

reimu_yukkurithrow“ゆっくりしていってね!!!” The most famous phrase to ever be spoken by a Yukkuri. But one must ask themselves, what is a Yukkuri? Take a look at the research I did on this quite peculiar creature.

(DISCLAIMER: This is purely fan-made and is not to be taken seriously.)

It is unclear how Yukkuri came to be or how they made their way to Gensokyo. One proposed theory is that they popped themselves into existence. Another source claims that a picture that surfaced on 2chan suddenly came alive through some sort of black magic, then started reproducing in Gensokyo.

The Yukkuri is most known for their goal in life to take it easy. They also strive to tell other people to do the same, which brings me to their (in)famous catchphrase, “Take it easy!!!” This phrase is more or less common amongst all species of Yukkuri. It’s rumored that they got this from an otherwise unknown resident of Gensokyo. It then eventually spread to all Yukkuri in a “tribe”, then spread to every living Yukkuri in Gensokyo. This phrase often varies between each species.

A Yukkuri’s appearance is essentially a face of a Touhou character with exaggerated features. Their eyes are beady and can also be described as “creepy” or “soul-piercing”. Weirdly, most types of Yukkuri are made of bean paste, and will excrete it when hurt. Others may be filled with custard, meat, etc., depending on the species.

Let’s talk about some of the species of Yukkuri. The most common type of Yukkuri is a Yukku-reimu (a Yukkuri’d Reimu). As one would expect, they look almost identical to Reimu Hakurei. They will tell people to take it easy frequently. Yukku-risa (a Yukkuri’d Marisa), however, would tell people to “drop dead easy” and set up surprisingly elaborate traps for the unfortunate Yukkuri that triggers it. Yukkuri such as Remirya and Yukku-flan (Yukkuri versions of Remilia and Flandre Scarlet, respectively) are capable of growing miniaturized bodies, giving them a slight edge in dexterity. However, Remirya are almost completely dependent on Sakuya Izayoi, and will often cry to her for help.

This is all I have for right now. I might plan to encounter a Yukkuri in the wild and examine it close up. That way, I can gather much more information about this creature than I ever thought possible. Also, any corrections can be reported so that I may correct them (and maybe give you credit for helping). Until then, good bye, my friends!



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  1. 1 Et3rnalLegend64 2010/01/01 at 7:48 pm

    Won’t you ever follow up with another post?

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