EFF-EMM-ELL: The Aftermath

Don’t you love stains that not even Resolve can get out? More pictures from that fateful day inside. Inquire within.

Yeah, so about two days ago, I happened to burn myself while eating Cup Noodles, and from there, it just became one accident after another. So yeah, this is pretty much a post about the aftermath of that event. So here we go.

The stain on the carpet is still there, even though my grandma tried Resolve to get the stain out, and it usually gets out the urine stains that my dog leaves. Knowing how hot the water was, it probably burned into the carpet within minutes. That stain is only a reminder of why I shall never make Cup Noodles again.

This is the burn mark that the scalding hot water left on my right hand. It’s that red-ish part of it. That’s pretty much the first time I’ve ever been burnt. Good thing, too, as it was only a minor first-degree burn. It’s feeling better now, though it still stings now and then.

My mom was pretty cool with what happened, so she didn’t lose her temper and just start yelling at me. She just told me I wasn’t allowed to make ramen by myself. So this means I’m not in trouble. Hooray for me!

If there’s anything I’ve learned through this experience, it’s that I should be a little bit more responsible and watch what I’m doing, especially when I’ve got a cup in my hand containing water that’s been boiled to about 350 degrees Fahrenheit. I’ll make sure it won’t ever happen again.

Until next time.


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