Video Upload: Locked Girl (Another) English Fandub Ver.

New, updated version! Inquire within.

Original post is as follows:

WARNING: May contain bad high-pitch moments. Watch at your own risk.

This is my first karaoke video, and I might end up making more of these in the future.

Bonus Lyrics:

In this room so filled with dust and mold,
I find a woman who’s sad and frail and sick, due to the cold.
Why don’t you go out and make some friends?
It kinda worries me that you plan to stay here ’till the end.
Is that what you want?

But Patchouli, you’ve always known!
In this castle, you will always be alone!
And if you stay, you’ll never get to see
the world outside, or know the joy of being free!

Lulara lulara lara

Why are you afraid to leave your room?
You should be scared of the thought of staying here, so full of gloom.
Tell me, what is your excuse today?
You’ll tell me that you’re just way too sick, so I should go away.
Is that how you feel?

But Patchouli, you just can’t stay in bed!
The way you live is worse than being dead!
So come with me, it’s better for your health
Please think of me, if you can’t think about yourself!

Lulara lulara lara
Oh yeah
I’ll help you get out and be free!

Do you want to stay in solitude?
You keep on telling me it’s because you’re just not in the mood.

But I know you’re lying
’cause I hear you crying
You have nothing left here
So please overcome your fear

Make the right decision
And escape your prison
You just need to tell me;
I will come and set you free!

So Patchouli! Don’t cry, my dear
I will fly to you and get you out of here!
And here I come, so open your door
You will see the world like never before

Hey Patchouli! You’ve already known!
By staying here, you’ll always be alone!
But by my side, you’ll finally get to see
The world outside, and how it feels to be free!

Lulara lulara lara
Oh yeah

Have you ever seen the sky so blue?
So tell me, do you have anything in mind you’d like to do?
Your future is waiting for you…

Lyrics written by Iori E


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