School Update: Week 1-2

6809fdef4c6d2b5f7151e5ebf16f76f4School has been very, very time consuming, and I’ve barely had enough time to update my blog. Now that it’s Saturday, I might as well blog about my school experiences so far.

My classes started slow, which I thought was pretty cool. But then, during the second week, they picked up in speed pretty quickly, and I had barely had enough time to be online. Looks like I’ll really have to balance my school time with my online time…

PE is standard stuff. Except that none of my friends are in my class, and that most of the students are “cool” and total… delinquents, for lack of a better word. It pisses me off to no end.

English is okay, too. The teacher’s voice is pretty monotone-ish and almost puts me to sleep. Meh.

Intermediate Algebra is quite an experience. The teacher likes to crack jokes here and there. But he does have his serious moments. I like Algebra.

AP History… wow, is it hard. Then again, it’s a college course, what did you expect? The thing that I think is strange is that we test on material before it’s discussed in class. But then again, we should have already read up on it outside of class anyway.

Spanish is all right, though the teacher creeps me out. The material is supposedly “college-material”, though I’m not seeing a lot of it so far.

And finally, Biology. It’s surprisingly easy. Not like I don’t want to become as much of a scientist like Nitori, but for the most part it’s easy. I don’t want to dissect a frog, though. That’s direct violation of chapter 84, subsection 9, heading 4 in the Sacred Mishaguji Book of Code and Regulation. Kero.

I don’t know, overall it’s been pretty iffy. Maybe if I find some free time (which would be rare in and of itself), maybe I might start thinking about ideas for the second episode of Touhou Walfas Project. Until next time.


2 Responses to “School Update: Week 1-2”

  1. 1 muffiekun 2009/08/09 at 4:27 pm

    Do you have Mr. Avasan for a teacher?

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