School Update: Week 4


Boring… But I’m trying to keep myself awake.

AP World History is still a chore. Spanish is still somewhat creepy. PE is OK. English is meh… no, wait. I have a lot of things to say about English class.


All right. What the hell is wrong with the grading? So like, one day, I have no clue where to turn in this one assignment that I had to do for homework. It wasn’t until later that I found out that you have to turn it into a box. My English teacher didn’t tell me this why?

And if that wasn’t bad enough, I took a test, based on the crap I had for homework. That same assignment that I didn’t turn in. The thing is, it was all about matching meanings to words. I’m pretty decent with rudimentary crap like this, so I breeze through it without any problems. But then, I find out that, you only get credit on that test– and you’re gonna love this– if you turned in that one homework assignment.


So, just because I didn’t know where to turn that assignment in, I get a zero on both the assignment and the test? HELL NO. HELL FUCKING NO. What a cruel punishment for a simple mistake. God dammit. It’s not even like, you get a zero on the assignment, but you can take the quiz for some credit, just with a couple of points knocked off. But no, of course not.  I swear to God, if he weren’t someone I respected, I would have honestly told him off about this. That and his website.

Oh God, don’t even get me started on that website. For crap we’re responsible for on the weekend, he posts it on his website. And it’s a surprise to me, because that’s the last thing I think about on the weekend, having to check that fucking website, when I’ve already got enough shit on my hands.


All right, so that’s not exactly what you wanted to hear from me. But other than that class, everything’s going along fine. Oh yeah, now’s probably the right time to announce this…


Yes, you heard right. Episode 2 is, at the time of this posting, in the works. This time I’m incorporating more ideas I’d like to try with Vegas. That and it’s going to be a completely original story. Or something. I might need some help too, just to see what’ll work in the movie storywise. Yeah, since I have to balance my free time with my school time, expect this to be released… let’s just say, don’t expect it any time soon. I don’t have a concrete release date yet, so bear with me. That is all. Until next time.


1 Response to “School Update: Week 4”

  1. 1 muffiekun 2009/08/24 at 6:03 pm

    You sounded like Tony in that post. What with all the cursing and ranting.

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