School Update: Week 6

1a2b733777ef56ae4a38f37cc8c9868cProgress reports, mahjong, and moar Technika.

Yeah, so progress reports came out yesterday. 3 As, 2 Bs, 1 C. The C was from AP World History. I’m not good at keeping up with the homework…

That and dotKaZE is slowly and slowly getting me into Riichi mahjong. He ordered a set of playing tiles, but they aren’t coming until about a week from now. So he managed to dig up a semi-decent set that was intended to play Chinese mahjong. It had those extra season tiles, and other stuff not required. But it did come with all the necessary tiles. He also wants to set up a mahjong club and stuff. Now that I kinda know the basics to it, I’d join. But he’d force me to anyway.

Oh yeah, Technika. My friends and I (including dotKaZE) played sum of dat Technika yesterday. It basically served as an opportunity for him to use the Platinum Crew card I paid $10 for and never used for about a month. Now I can play Technical Mixing mode. Hooray.

Oh yeah, did I tell you that Muffiekun already set up forums for the anime club at his school? Nothing interesting yet, so we’ll see how little it’s going to be used.

That and I’m really trying my hardest working on episode 2 of Touhou Walfas Project. I’d probably say I’m about 25% done. Look forward to that in a couple of *insert unit of time here*s.

Until next time.


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