School Update: Week 7

92120401ad17a42e66a27aace62188c5Nothing too interesting, but read on if you like.

So, nothing really special happened at school this past week. It’s all beginning to seem pretty standard at this point. *sigh*

OK, so maybe not as boring. The school’s first pep assembly of the year happened. It was based on a “glow in the dark” theme, and everyone had to wear either the school’s colors, neon-colored attire, or “spirit gear”, which, in reality, just refer to overpriced shirts with the Olympian name on them. The whole pep assembly wasn’t that much glow in the dark as it was shining black lights and strobe lights in a slightly dimmed gymnasium. I expected the room to be much darker, but I’m guessing they can’t do that due to reasons of safety. If that was the case, I’ve got two words to say to the people who OK’d this theme of “glow in the dark“… Why bother?

Jeez, I just remembered I have to do a Spanish oral presentation on Thursday. I really don’t like speaking in front of an audience, especially in a language that isn’t my primary language. But I’ll pull through… somehow.

That and I’m slowly getting more and more into mahjong. So much so that I might actually start watching Saki. Or find that mahjong game with a Touhou theme. Probably all according to dotKaZE’s keikaku.

Before I forget to mention it, I went to go see 9 yesterday. It was pretty good. It had pretty good action, an all right storyline, an interesting and unique graphical style, and characters that you more or less care about. The problem is, the movie gets a little too carried away with its foreshadowing. I know foreshadowing helps to create suspense and “stairs”, if you will, to a movie’s climax, but I found the events were just a tad bit too predictable. But in no way is it a bad movie. One of my friends insist that 9 was “crap”. After watching, I have to disagree with his statement. Overall, I do recommend it if you’re a big fan of action and suspense.

And that’s all I have to say about that. Episode 2 is pretty much, at this point… I’ll say 60% complete, maybe a little less. Maybe I’ll release a teaser trailer, if I have the time for it. OK, that’s it. Until next time.


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