School Update: Week 8

8bebf3e8c8df89d6eeaf1622522500d6I went on a field trip. To SDSU. And stuff.

So, yeah, I went on a field trip to SDSU. It was pretty much an informational field trip about what it takes to graduate and stuff. I can’t believe I’m gonna have to start worrying about graduating more than I already do. KirbyM, I don’t know how you did it… Pretty much hard work, huh?

So, other than that awesome field trip, which included a lunch weirdly provided by Rubio’s, I missed about four classes. Great, now I have to make up that work I missed in those classes. And then the weekend homework I already have. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. Including a test and a quiz. Why do they plan these things, even when we know we have to make up for missed work anyway? What sense does that make?

Update on episode 2: it’s going along pretty well, though I really haven’t worked on it as hard as I’d like to. It’s pretty much 70%-ish complete. Maybe I might put up a section for upcoming work on the right-hand side and just update it every time I get work done on an upcoming video, instead of giving rough guesstimates here.

So, that’s it. I’ll probably post a Randomosity Moment with two videos, because I’ve been pretty bad with weekly Randomosity Moments. Look out for that. Until next time.


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