School Update: Week 10

touhou_cirno3Apparently, my AP World History teacher is having trouble deciding exactly when things are due. And also, I might be going to New York next month.

Not that I’m getting lazy with homework, but due to this crazy new schedule in place, she keeps extending the due dates for things. If she keeps this up, I might get all my stuff jumbled and I might lose stuff. Sorry, but I’m not the best at organization…

My English teacher is still a jerk. This time, he marked almost everyone on the end of the roster absent simply because the class he couldn’t hear them say, “present”. He didn’t bother change them, but instead said that if they were falsely marked absent, it’s their responsibility to tell the attendance office that you were there. I wasn’t one of the unfortunate people, but still…

I couldn’t get that PowerPoint done on time too… Oh well, a hit to my A- grade in Biology won’t be so bad, right?

All in all, I’m getting a tiny bit lazy and behind, but I will recover. Hopefully.

Oh, and for my mom’s birthday, I think my family and I are going to go to New York City. Y’know, that place where everything is crazy expensive? Yeah, I’ll probably head for there sometime next month, where they’ll probably have the Christmas decorations up already. Apparently we’re going to go watch The Lion King play thing there too. I’m also planning to hit up Rockefeller Center, where they have the Nintendo World store. And the ice rink. And stuff. Will there be pictures? Maybe, if I can take some without my face in the shot.

So maybe you can look forward to some pictures of Nintendo World, that flagship Macy’s store, etc etc etc. I just hope I don’t get lost. I also hope that there’ll be fellow Touhou fans there too (or ⑨s, if applicable). KirbyM, perhaps?

I know I’m running a little late with the Randomosity Moments, so I’ll probably post that after this one. Until next time.


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