School Update: Week 11


So apparently, the local news came to our school this morning to film our school’s homecoming assembly. It was because our homecoming football game was today. And the team is undefeated so far. Not like I care that much about our football team, though.

Basically, the news came and recorded the first 20 minutes of the assembly. I don’t play an instrument, nor was I part of anything, so naturally I sat in the bleachers. I did see Tony (aka dotKaZE) playing bass. He tried to make himself look cool by spinning it. lul.

So, we might get that mahjong club starting pretty soon, as Tony found someone to become our club advisor. And before you say anything, no, we did not get a bipolar office attendant to be our advisor. Either way, Tony’s probably going to turn in the club charter form on Monday. All we need to do now is hope it clears with the ASB. I hope it isn’t shot down this quick, after we’ve gotten this far.

Other than that, today was pretty normal. Yep. Just plain normal. And CIAG’s plan to rule the world ended with the teacher’s epic tackling of the CIAG Logo. Way to go, teacher!

Also, I’m having trouble finding my battery charger for my digital camera. How am I going to take awesome pictures of New York City now?

And that’s it. Expect work on episode 2 of Touhou Walfas Project. That is, if I can get my WEEKEND HOMEWORK done. /cries


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