School Update: Week 13


Translation: “The popular characters should all be destroyed!” (Danbooru)

Fall is over in about 3 weeks. Not that it matters, since school isn’t starting to end anytime soon…

This week was an overload in terms of homework. I had a Biology formal lab-write up, a Spanish essay, an AP World History essay, and Intermediate Algebra homework all due on Friday. That’s already on top of my weekly AP notes, vocabulary, and daily Spanish and Biology homework. Not only was there an overabundance of homework, my Spanish teacher decided to put a quiz and a test on the same Friday. Keep in mind I also have to take my weekly AP World History chapter test. As if I didn’t have enough pressure with my homework…

I got most of my homework done… but at the cost of my daily Biology homework. Yeah, my grade took a small hit there… but then I realized I’m now down to a B- from an A- due to me not turning in the Biology PowerPoint thing. I can turn it in late, but the score I receive from the project is cut by 20 points. And the deadline is the 20th. I better get working– fast!

Other than that, I seem to have developed this strange emotion towards this one person in my Biology class. She’s pretty okay and she has a familiarity with Touhou and 4chan. This emotion… it’s unknown, but it’s there, lying dormant. This emotion would not be a problem… if I hadn’t discovered that she was already with someone else. Now I’m stuck with this… emotion, and I have no suitable means of expressing it to her. HALP.

On an unrelated note, I ordered DJ Max Portable Black Square a week ago, and it hasn’t come yet. I’m starting to get impatient. I expected it to come Thursday, but it never did. I expected it Friday, and it never did. I am going to expect it by this Monday the latest, because I want another DJ Max game to entertain me. I’m getting a little sick of Fever

And that’s it. Until next time.


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