April Fool’s ’10

Well, that was quite a treat, now, wasn’t it? Letting Cirno run the blog… best idea ever.

I figured anything would do for April Fool’s, right? So that’s why I had Cirno take over the blog … for a day. As soon as she started feeling comfortable with everything, I could relax in the fact that my plan was going all according to keikaku. Then I just changed my password the very next day so she couldn’t access it anymore. Sort of like an April Fool’s on her, if you know what I mean. But nevertheless, I have regained control of the site and now all is well. I’m not sure about posting as often as I did when I first started the site, but we’ll see what happens… right?

I won’t take down her posts… as I am too lazy to do so. Gotta go do other things, so until next time.

(SPOILER: She didn’t really take over the site. It was me. But you probably knew that already because you highlighted this part, either by accident or out of curiosity. Or that you had known from the start, which is pretty much the case for most of you. But that’s another story, for another day.)


1 Response to “April Fool’s ’10”

  1. 1 Ningyo 2010/04/04 at 6:44 pm

    It WAS the best idea ever!
    And you should’ve let her reply to me first before you blocked her off >.>
    I wonder if cirno even knows she gets fooled on April 1st. or if April 1st has any significance in gensokyo whatsoever.

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