Hey there, this is SonicHog91, the main author of this blog.

Who am I, you ask? I’m just your regular person… Well, maybe I’m not so regular. I’m into a lot of things, like shoot-em-ups (preferably the “danmaku” type), animation, and good old technology. So you could say my life is one big computer. A big computer stuffed with anime, art, and a personal danmaku artillery.

I got my start in art drawing Sonic, but as my interests changed, so did my style, and now I draw various things, mostly related to Touhou.

I was introduced to digital media when Photoshop came pre-installed (the full version) on my computer. I experimented and eventually found my groove. I also took a course in Computer Art to better sharpen my skills.

I was first introduced (or rather, exposed) to Touhou through “Ronald McDonald Insanity”, where the backbeat of it was U.N. Owen Was Her?, Flandre Scarlet’s theme. That was probably in 2006-2007.

Near mid-2009 or so, my friend Muffiekun (who runs his own blog, drizzly rain) introduced me to Touhou. He, along with dotKaZE (who partly runs the blog Natural Selectイズム) was playing a strange game in my school’s Computer Lab during lunch. It involved a girl clad in red, shooting at enemies and avoiding the projectiles. What amazed me on the spot was the many various, colorful bullets and how they were dodging them onscreen. I wanted to give it a go too, so Muffie lent me his flash drive so I could play my first Touhou game, Subterranean Animism. And holy sh*t, was it amazing.

As I played it more and more often (and after moving up one difficulty from Easy to Normal), I wondered if there were other games in the series. Fortunately, a handful of games were on his flash drive as well, and I started playing those too. And that’s when it happened. Muffie had converted me to Touhou-ism. And it’s been uphill ever since.

I’m also a rookie graphic designer, and I occasionally do some skin designing for my school’s Anime Club Forums. It’s not even much centered around the school, just a regular anime/manga/video game discussion website. Go there if you have the time.

Touhou is one of my favorite games… maybe too much so. Touhou-related stuff will probably be the entire bulk of this blog, along with my daily life events, video game talks, and the infamous “randomosity moments” where I find a video in which the events would totally be indescribably random and post it.

Speaking of Touhou, I also make little short videos using “create.swf”, a neat little Flash thing that lets you create your own Touhou scene. It’s all thanks to KirbyM of Walfas. Kudos to him!

It’s not like Touhou is my only favorite game; I like a whole variety of video games. I am a very varied and open person about video games, from fighters like BlazBlue and any of the “.5” Touhou fighting games to shoot-em-ups like Triggerheart Exelica and Ikaruga to RPGs like Kingdom Hearts and the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series to board/card games like Uno (on occasion) and Riichi mahjong (most of the time). There’s lots of things I’ll pick up and play, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know the difference between a quality game and a poor game.

Music is my life, second only to video games. Some music artists that I like are IOSYS, Shoji Meguro, Lotus Juice, Clazziquai, Forte Escape, Alestroemeria Records, Sound Holic, Crush 40, ZUN, and more. Some other music I like listening to outside of Japanese/Korean music is The Used, The Who, Linkin Park, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and much, much, much more. I DO NOT LIKE MODERN RAP. AT ALL. Just repeating 2 or 3 lines and calling it a song, to me, is bull. Ew.

You’d also need to know that I’m a follower of  ⑨, so don’t be surprised if you see Cirno (or ⑨) on almost every single thing on the site. You could say she’s the (unofficial) mascot of Random\osity. I’ll probably be shot down by ZUN for saying that…

So, in conclusion, welcome to Random\osity, where “sense” and “⑨” mean pretty much the same thing. And remember:




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