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The Disappearance of Frequent Updates-uzumiya

Yeah. It can be attributed to the lack of things to actually post here. Nothing really going on. Nope. I could try actually writing reviews and everything all these other bigger blogs do. But what can I review? Hmm…

Yeah. This post was a waste of time. Until next time.

Class is in session!

Hey, friends. Quick announcement from us at Rndomosity.

School is on for SonicHog91 and I, so we might be inactive for awhile. I’ll be sure to get our maids to dust the place clean until we get back.

O hai there


So I’m obviously the new writer. Name’s ZionCleric.
Before I post up a storm, here’s some stuff about me.

Favorite Touhou: Tokiko or Aya
Favorite Color: Yukari Purple
Waifu: Taiga
Games I play:
Team Fortress 2 (My Steam Profile)-Favorite Classes are Soldier, Spy, and medic.

Super Mario Galaxy 2
Mabinogi (Shameimaru or Nagachan on Alexina)

Other Stuff:
I’m friends w/SonicHog91. (Obviously)
I’ll most likely be posting about anime and TF2.
I have a twitter too!

My Computer Setup:
Windows 7 (Nanami! >w<)
AMD IIx4 620 Processsor (2.6Ghz per core)
3 Gigs RAM
1.5 GB Total Storage.
Radeon HD 57XX Series graphics cards.

That’s about it! Hope to add some ibis here!


Cleaning some dust

Hello, there. Nice to see you again. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

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April Fool’s ’10

Well, that was quite a treat, now, wasn’t it? Letting Cirno run the blog… best idea ever.

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I’m lazy. That’s why I haven’t been updating. Have a nice day.

Valentine’s Day 2010, Laziness, et al.

It’s Valentine’s Day. And I’ve decided to break my laziness and actually post something, since it’s been at least over a month since I made the last post. Let’s get started, then, shall we?

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