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happy as can be~

eye’m so happy that a lot of people visit her e already! is it because eye’m famous? or theyt’ve herd of me before? watever the reason, its really awesome to see the views counter going up and up and up~~~

for now, eye think eye am beginning to like this place. its really awesome being here and eye think eye’ll continue making more entrys to this site because you all think eye’m so awesome! that rocks! eye could just hug every one of you~ ❤

anyway eye just dropped by to tell you that. also eye think eye want to be a miko. what do you guise think? oki, bye bye~

chillingly yours,

Cirno :3


pictures~~~~ <3

here are some pictures of me that eye liked. tell me if you like them, k?

eye like this pic bcuz it makes me look cool! look at all that ice~ ❤

hmm? is this real life me? it looks really cute! eye could just hug myself~


heehee~ eye found a four leaf clover~ eye forgot what that meant, tho ^_^;;

smiling~ 😀

me and letty make the best team ever~

and thats all for now, see you later, love you~ ❤

chillingly yours,



eye’m so excited because eye larned how to make videos pop up in the bloggy thingy! Dai-chan didnt know how so eye asked the guy who gave me the website and he told me and now eye can put up youtoob videos on here!

here’s one of me that eye liek the most! its awesome yet somewhat degrayding…

eye like this one too because its an advertaisemint for Chirumiru! Hooway!

heres this one too! its singing!

someone created me in 3d! eye dont know what that is exactly but it looks like me!

(yes, eye was pulling up things from my faves =D)

okay that is all for now and eye have to go again. see you all later!! ❤

chillingly yours,


what should eye do now?

okay it’s Cirno again and eye dont know what to do with this website still. eye want to share videos of me but eye dont know how to do that just yet. maybe eye should ask Dai-chan or something but eye dont knwo. just letting you know that eye still run this website a nd stuf and eye’m looking around for more things to change to make it mine! so expect something new matbe in the next couple of hourse or two. okay? eye’ll talk ot you guise later but for now eye have to go run an erind with Dai-chan. whatever that is.

chillingly yours,


Eye run this website now!

after munths and munths of inactivity eye have finally talked 2 the person that runs this website 2 see if eye could have it. and he said okay here you go. so now eye own this website!!!1!!111!!!11!1!

eye dont know what eye should be doing now that eye have it. whats a blog and how do eye run one? it’s very intresting. eye already made changes like the bannur. made it myself in ms paint in 5 minutes! eye liek it, don’t you? eheehee… this is fun~ =D

eye dont know how to edit things on her e like the name of the website. how do you do it? eye can’t do it alone and eye need help!

maybe dai-chan can help me or sometihng, eye dont understand the internet a t all. oh well rite? nothing to worry about because Cirno will take good care of this website now that eye have full control overit!~

dont worry, this blog is now in the hnads of the strongest! you should bee grateful eye am putting up thingfs for you to see! eye love you all~~~~~~ ❤

chillingly yours

Cirno :3

pee-ess eye promise to post every dday! you can count on meeeee~ :3


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