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Video: Touhou Walfas Project – Christmas 2010

Christmas. Yeah. People get Haxx Sign’d. Merry Christmas, everyone.


Video Upload: A Very (Belated) Cirno Christmas

It’s finally here! And only a day before New Year’s! Hope you enjoy anyway, and have your self a merry little (belated) Christmas!

Also, this is my 100th post! HOORAY! IT’S CIRNO TIME!

Video Upload: TOUHOU WALFAS PROJECT – Episode 2

This is it! Episode 2 has finally arrived! WOOHOO!

Some people even got to see this a week early… But for everyone else, here it is, just in time for Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

Video Upload: Touhou Walfas Project Episode 2 Teaser

It took me about half an hour to make it, though I think I gets the point across. It’s coming soon, on November the 26th! Watch out for it, if you still care about it!

Also, I’m 66.6% percent sure that the logos featured in the beginning aren’t going to be in episode 2. I’m on a tight release schedule as it is. >.<

Video Upload: Stepmania – Bad Apple!!

Is this really where my addiction to this song has led me? Has it really led me to create a Stepmania stepchart for it? Yes, apparently it does. Darn you KirbyM!

Video Upload: Create.swf – Somebody’s Watching Me

Since episode 2 is taking longer than expected, I figured I’d make something to hold (the small population of) you all over with this quickie!

Suwako pranks Sanae with an all too familiar joke. What will result out of this joke? Well, you watch and decide. Or not.

Until next time.

Video Upload: Create.swf – You Are an Idiot

By the way, I don’t firmly believe Cirno’s an idiot. Well, at least not as stupid as the Touhou community makes her out to be.

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